The National American School was first launched in the academic year 2000-2001 by visionary people who clearly saw the benefit of a new secular school in Zahle that accommodates students searching for a unique and untraditional education.

N.A.S. is a leading educational institution that has carved a niche for itself among other schools in the area . Located in the middle of the Bekaa Valley on the outskirts of Zahle, it caters to students from Nursery to Grade 12 in both the Lebanese and American curricula. Instruction for both programs is in English .Its location has enabled it to have students from all surrounding villages spreading from the north to south of the valley.

The well organized and thoroughly studied curriculum of the N.A.S. and dedication of its faculty members, has enabled its students to harvest amazing results in the Lebanese official exams as well as in the SAT tests and university entrance exams.
The Lebanese have been sailing the seas for centuries but most often they come back to their homeland to plant new roots and establish relationships with their homeland and original community .Hence, the application of the American System Program in the school .This program allows students with foreign nationalities to learn in atmosphere similar to the one they came from and yet maintain a sense of discipline and ethnicity.

We believe the school’s motto: For a Better Tomorrow Today, has been well served and implemented.

  • Why Us? The diligence and dedication of very qualified and experienced teachers and administrators has expeditiously made NAS a leading educational institute in both the Lebanese Program as well as the International.
  • Our Values ** A student is an individual worthy of our care and attention.
    ** Education is the powerful weapon that should be used to change the world.

School Mission

We work together to provide our students:

  • The best possible start in life.
  • A good quality education.
  • The best opportunity to develop his/her full potential and contribute to society in a meaningful way.