Freedom starts with the Mind

Prinicpal Every year , for our Graduation Ceremony, we have a new theme for our invitation card that is reflected in the platform we build for the event, where we try to send our students off into the world with a bit of educational splendor. The talented architect who has been helping us for the past few years suggested the theme “Let them fly away…” I had to agree with the sentiment she had behind the idea. The expression might carry negative annotations to the cynical in mind, but it also carries the most positive ones to the great hearted. A school does not chain and bind but rather it sets free minds manacled by chaos and irresponsibility. A school is the place where students are trained to fly away for the first time. It is the place where they are taught to use their imagination to carry them to new places. Through a book, you are able to visit numerous faraway countries, dive into the deepest seas and coast to the farthest stars, all, while sitting snug on your sofa at home. It is also the place where the student first learns to be an independent intellectual, capable of great and rich feats. All that is the work of schools that set minds and souls free from the bondage of ignorance. Ignorance that is the plague of our society today. Our young people’s interests nowadays are so trivial and redundant, making it easy for evil to creep into their impressionable and often times ignorant immature minds, twisting all the goodness inside them to form horrible monstrous people capable of doing heinous crimes against their own society and also against humanity.

As educators, we strongly believe in the power of education. Education that opens minds and hearts to the value of human life, and the importance of accepting our fellow human beings, thus enriching our lives and existence. Helen Keller believes that “The greatest result of education is tolerance”.

Socrates said, “There is only one good, knowledge, and only one evil, ignorance”. Let’s work towards the annihilation of evil and ignorance, and setting our students free, through the spreading of education and knowledge.

Mr. Aziz Abou Zeid